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VoIP Phone System + CRM

SavvyCo is Smart Business. We save you time, while helping you Close More Sales. SavvyCo provides individuals & teams with a result-driven platform to stay in touch with clients and accelerate your sales.

Integrated VoIP Phone System

SavvyCo includes a built-in VoIP Phone System. Every inbound and outgoing call is tracked, optionally recorded, and linked to that caller's Contact record.

Organize Contacts & Leads

Makes organizing contacts easy and automatic. The build-in workflow for Lead to Customer lets you easily see what's happening in your office.

Sales Pipeline

Track every Sales Opportunity from start to finish with customizable Pipeline Stages.

Business Text Messaging

Reach your customers where they are using the communication channel with the highest open rate.

Appointment Calendar

With SavvyCo Appointments automatically ring your phone prompting you to call at exactly the right time.

Goals & Reports

Detailed Reports give you insight into office activity, while motivating your team to accomplish goals.

Import Your Data

Load your existing CSV and Excel contact lists with zero hassle. Create and import using Custom Fields to match your business needs.

Designed For Teams

Centralize every Deal, Appointment, and opportunity to Follow-up for all of your Sales Representatives.

End-To-End Security

Industry-leading, end-to-end encrypted security for your uploaded Files, Documents and Call Recordings

Automate your success with SavvyCo

Our platform provides you all the tools you need to succeed. The Sales and Marketing Automation that is built-in to SavvyCo helps thousands of businesses increase their producivity.

CRM Features Includes:

  • Searchable Contacts
  • Searchable Notes
  • Reminders Via Text
  • Agenda Calendar
  • Appointments & Follow-up
  • Integrated Texting
  • Upload CSV/Excel Lists
  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Multi-User
  • End-to-End Security
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SavvyCo is Smart Business™

SavvyCo is designed to save you time and help you close more business. Our priorities are reliability and data security so you can focus on business. Let us help you accelerate your success.

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Our Pricing

$50.00 / Month For 1 User

$25.00 / Month For Additional Users

Billed Monthly

Every SavvyCo Account Includes All Features:

VoIP Phone SystemSales Acceleration CRM
Voice Prompt MenusAppointment Setting
Unlimited MinutesAutomatic Followup
User ExtensionsUpload Excel & CSVs
Call RecordingTasks & Reminders
Click-To-DialSales Pipeline
Ring GroupsSearch Notes
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Customer Success Stories

You can rely on our experience to accelerate your business success. Here's a few success stories from our customers.

“SavvyCo was really easy to set up and get going. Other CRM's are complicated but SavvyCo has the benefit of simplicity, and useful features.”

John C. - Nashville, TN

“SavvyCo is really helpful for texting. It's nice to have everything in one place with notes and stuff, instead of trying do everything on your phone.”

Vanessa L. - Los Angeles, CA

“SavvyCo has helped my sales reps. be better organized and stay on task. If my reps. make more calls, our company makes more sales. Thank you, SavvyCo!”

Clarence M. - Austin, TX

The Sales Pipeline

Every Contact in your database is unique. SavvyCo™ CRM automatically categorizes your Contact records depending on the actions you take. Know who you're marketing to, and who is just another contact, vendor, or employee.


Import Prospects, generate New Leads.


Work Leads through the Pipeline until they Close.


Manage your Customer List to get Referrals.

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